Can dad be younger than his daughter?

Compared to the Star Wars series of sci-fi movie, “Interstellar” can be said to be a real hard sci-fi movie, because when the film is produced, there is really a scientist involved, the scientist is called Kip Thorne. He is a true scientist, and in 2017, Kip Thorne won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his decisive contribution to the detection of LIGO detectors and gravitational waves with Rainer Weiss and Barry Barish.

Kip Thorne is also a science fiction writer and science writer.

Of course, the most classic episode of “Interstellar” is probably a visual display of wormholes. Although the wormhole is still not confirmed by scientific experiments, the concept of wormhole is also that Kip Thorn has long wanted to be in science fiction movies. In the earlier, the sci-fi movie “Contact”, based on the novel of the same name by Kip Thorn’s old friend Sagan, also incorporates the concept of wormhole, but there is no intuitive display.

Sagan’s full name, Carl Sagan, is a famous American astronomer, and more famous is his science fiction novel. Among them, “Contact” is regarded as a classic. When “Contact” has not been published, the publishing house prepaid $2 million in royalties, create a record at the time, this is in 1984.

Therefore, the sci-fi environment in the United States is really quite good. Science fiction literature, science fiction movies have the participation of scientists and even Nobel laureates, which is why Hollywood always has the classic sci-fi.

But today, what we are talking about is not the issue of the science fiction environment, but a serious discussion of a problem with everyone:

Is it really possible that dad can be younger than his daughter in “Interstellar”?

Is it made up?

From the article of my opening, I am afraid that you already know the conclusion of this article. Most of the episodes in “Interstellar” are not fabricated, but very serious. Of course, there are also places that are not serious, such as love can travel through time and space, regardless of the future or the past, the distance is far away or near, all can be transmitted through love, and seems to be able to surpass the speed of light. But this can only be an artistic method required as an artistic film, you don’t have to think that it’s making up, after all, no sense of art will definitely boring. If the box office is bad, the director should live on air.

Since you have already guessed the argument, then I might as well say it: it is not fabricated. Dad is younger than his daughter, it is theoretically based, but it is impossible to achieve it.

What is the theoretical basis?

It is Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Speaking of Einstein’s theory of relativity, you must start to be sleepy. In high school, the study of physics has been confusing, and Einstein’s theory of relativity seems to be a few lessons from the teacher.

Fortunately, some people thought about this problem decades ago, knowing that physics is very deep, and knowing that we are far from Einstein’s cleverness, such as Gamow (Russian American), wrote A book called “The New World of Mr Tompkins” cleverly explains why Dad is younger than his daughter in “Interstellar”.

Einstein’s theory of special relativity points out that the speed of light C is constant, whether it is in motion or still, and that there is no speed at which things can reach or exceed the speed of light. This is generally known.

In Gamow’s “The New World of Mr Tompkins”, a world is assumed, its speed of light is very low, such as 10KM / hour, in such a world, you can easily surpass the speed of light with a bicycle.

And the incredible thing happened.

You will find that time is not the same, it is actually relatively changing.

What is the time?

Few people can answer this question, but the atomic clock is definitely known to everyone. The accuracy of the atomic clock is accurate to 1 second every 20 million years.

However, this is under one premise: under the influence of the gravity of Earth G.

If you put the atomic clock on the moon, the atomic clock will get faster, and when you put it on the International Space Station, it will be faster in the weightless state.

But if placed in the sun, the atomic clock becomes slower.(Ignore the case where the sun burns the atomic clock here)

Scientists have actually experimented. At different altitudes, the speed of the atomic clock is different. The atomic clock of the National Bureau of Standards at 1,650 meters above sea level is 5 microseconds faster than the atomic clock of the Royal Greenwich Observatory at 25 meters above sea level.

Why is there a place where the clock is fast, while some places have a slow clock, the most important thing is the influence of gravity.

According to the law of universal gravitation, the gravity of the earth’s surface is greater than that of the high altitude, because gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

The greater the gravity, the slower the frequency of atomic vibrations, and the slower the time represented by atomic vibrations. You can understand that the greater the gravity, the slower all processes, including the course of life.

Going back to the world in “The New World of Mr Tompkins”, a person who often travels by train(the train go faster than the speed of light in this world), his time has slowed down a lot, so there is an incredible scene. The old daughter comes to the train station to pick up a very young father. When the father got off the train, he was very happy to see that his daughter was still alive.

This scene is also in “Interstellar”, dad is the one who travels all the year round, and the daughter is the one at home.

Why you can live longer if you travels a lot?

Let’s return to “The New World of Mr Tompkins”. Because the speed of the train is much faster than the speed of light in that world, when the train starts to accelerate or decelerate, the people inside will get the huge sense of gravity caused by acceleration or deceleration(you can get the same sense of gravity when you are taking the elevator), which is equivalent to gravity, this much greater gravity reduces the frequency of atomic vibration, and time slows down, including the course of life.

But in this hypothetical world, the speed of light is only 10KM/hour, the speed of the train can easily exceed the speed of light, and people will be fine if they travels faster than the light.

But if in the real world, beyond the speed of light, or even faster, I am afraid that you have already disintegrated.

Therefore, in “Interstellar”, dad is younger than his daughter, theoretically possible, but it is impossible to do so.

Gravity is always something we can’t escape!

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