Can AI face recognition distinguish clones?

First, we assume that clones already exist.

First let’s talk about the twin face recognition.

In general, whether it is AI or human, as long as you train deliberately, you can identify twins who look the same, not to mention other people who are different. As the saying goes, no two leaves are exactly the same. Therefore, even if the twins are the same, they still have different points. These differences are caused by the acquired environment. All humans and AI can be identified by careful observation.

Maybe someone experienced that the twins around them could not tell the difference from the beginning, and later because they had more contact with the twins, they could slowly distinguish them.

Of course, as parents of twins, in most cases it is not confusing and can be distinguished.

So far, the face recognition rate of the AI trained by the face library has exceeded that of humans, reaching a horrible 99.9%, and the human face recognition rate is about 95%, which shows that humans can recognize twins. As the AI of human face recognition is more accurate than humans, twin recognition is naturally a matter of course.

Assuming there are clones, can artificial intelligence accurately identify clones?

To answer this question, we must first understand what is the nature of face recognition? The essence of face recognition is to find different points and recognize the target through different points.

So are clones the same?

There are two situations:

First assume that Jack is now 18 years old and he decided to clone himself.

1) Jack decided to clone himself-Jack 1:

At this time, Jack is 18 years old, and Jack 1 is at least 18 years younger than Jack. Obviously, although Jack and Jack 1 have the same genes, because of the age difference, AI face recognition can easily recognize them because they are at different age;

2) Jack decided to clone two of himself-Jack 1 and Jack 2:

At this time, Jack is 18 years old, Jack 1 and Jack 2 are 18 years older than Jack. Jack 1 and Jack 2 are the same as twins. This brings us back to the question of whether AI can recognize twins. Obviously there is already an answer to this question.

Therefore, the conclusion is that AI face recognition can identify clones.

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