Which robots in the movie are closest to us?

Nothing is popular with robots in movies. There are countless movies with robots.

Clumsy and cute Baymax in “Big Hero 6”:

Loyal and humorous TARS in “Interstellar”:

Vision in “Iron Man”:

Super powerful but clumsy robot cat in “Doraemon”:

The good and honest robot boy in “Astro Boy”:

The horrifying liquid metal robot T-1000 in “The Terminator”:

The clever and beautiful “Ava” in “Ex Machina”:

There are countless decent, villain, and various personalities, too rich.

It can be said that human beings love robots. Since we have films, we have pinned the fantasy of future robots into our movies. The robots in the movies bring all kind of emotions to everyone, but also bring us to the infinite imagination, this kind of imagination affects the development of science and technology to a certain extent.

With the development of technology, especially the development of artificial intelligence, speech recognition, face recognition, intelligent sensing technology and other artificial intelligence technologies, the robots in the movie seem to be getting closer and closer to us.

So which one is the closest to us?

I think Baymax is closest to us. Because there are many service robot product being released in the market, which is more and more like Baymax, clumsy, but cute, even smart.

In the future, we will coexist with robots.

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